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5 Simple Hacks To Keep Your Home Warm Over The Winter

5 Simple Hacks To Keep Your Home Warm Over The Winter

Winter is coming in a few weeks and homeowners all over the US will be preparing their homes to stay warm throughout the cold months. A majority of Fort Worth residents will also be gearing up to deal with the costs of heating as a survey reveals that almost half of Texas residents heat with electricity, a greater proportion than the US average. Meanwhile, those who heat using natural gas are projected to spend about $116, while homes that use heating oil will shell out an average of $378. Keeping a house warm can indeed put a dent in your household budget, but by following these simple hacks, you can keep your house comfy and cozy all winter long.

Do a complete home inspection before winter comes

Before winter arrives, make sure to do a complete inspection to see if there are certain spots in your house which will allow drafts to enter. Check doors and windows for air leaks as these can let the cold air in. If you find any, you can fix them with a bit of caulk or epoxy wood filler, or make your own door draft stoppers to stop the frigid air from seeping into your home. See if your heating system is working properly or is in need of maintenance. You may also want to check if your electric or gas tankless water heater is running efficiently as you want it to be in good working order and ready to give hot water anytime during the winter.

Use thick curtains

One simple solution to keep your home warm over the winter is to use thick curtains. Curtains with a thermal lining may not be as pretty as the diaphanous drapes covering your windows, but they can certainly help to keep a room warm and toasty. You can also make no-sew curtains from fleece or line a few of your old curtains with PVC shower curtains if you don’t want to buy new window coverings for the winter.

Move furniture away from vents

Check the layout of your living room, kitchen, and bedroom and see if you have placed furniture in front of heating vents. Make sure that your vents aren’t blocked by moving the furniture to another spot for the winter.

Reverse your ceiling fan’s rotation

Ceiling fans rotate counterclockwise to push air downward to create wind. Check if your fan has a winter setting which will allow it to move clockwise to push cool air upwards and mix with the heat in a room. Doing so will make any room feel warmer and more comfortable.

Use the oven as often as you can

Winter is a good time to broil and bake warming and satisfying dishes, so use the oven as much as possible during the cold months. The heat emanating from your oven can keep your kitchen toasty, and after baking or broiling, leave the oven doors open to let the residual warmth wash over your cooking space.

Your home needs to be a cozy and inviting place to be once winter arrives. Follow these tips to keep your home warm over the winter and make your living space more pleasant and comfortable for your loved ones.